Sustainable Living Certificate Course would like to introduce WWOOF Australia to it students across Australia, USA, and the UK.

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, helping to build a sustainable global community.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Traci and Lynette from WWOOF have reached out to us and would like to offer SLCC students the opportunity to join WWOOF Australia either as a WWOOFer volunteer or as a WWOOF Host and give you the opportunity to implement and practice the skills you are learning, at a special discounted SLCC rate, 20% off Single or Dual WWOOFer volunteer memberships and Host Non-Certified memberships.

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WWOOF Australia offers you…and why you should choose WWOOFing.

  • Open Monday – Friday, real people to assist you!
  • Put into practice those Organic farming techniques learn firsthand from Host Farmers.
  • If you join as a WWOOFer, you can choose hosts from our large database Australia wide to visit and implement/share the knowledge you have gained with SLCC.
  • If you own a farm and need assistance with all you have learnt or are still learning with SLCC, what easier way to find those extra hands to help get the job done. All you need to do is join as a Host and invite WWOOFers to your farm.
  • Safety: Host farms and WWOOFers agree to our Guidelines, keeping both parties safe.
  • Complaints? WWOOF acts promptly and confidentially on all complaints ensuring your safety.
  • Live with locals and experience the different regions or states and their weather systems allowing you to gain knowledge of planting and growing options for your future projects.
  • Eco Travel reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save money and extend your travel budget, WWOOF Hosts provide all meals and accommodation in exchange for volunteer help.
  • Continue your Certificate online with SLCC whilst you’re travelling.
  • WWOOF, operating in Australia for 40 years, proving experience and integrity!
WWOOF staff

Lynette and Traci with Lionel Pollard, Founder of WWOOF Australia

A little bit more about WWOOF Australia

WWOOF Australia was established in 1981 and is 100% Australian owned and run. It is part of a worldwide WWOOF volunteer and cultural exchange movement.

What is WWOOFing?

Travelling Australia, volunteering for 4-6 hours per day while living and learning on an organic Host property. Membership is for one (Single) or two (Dual) Volunteers for 2 years. Families can also join on a Dual membership.

Each country operates independently, with its own lists of WWOOFers and WWOOF hosts.

Host profiles provide members with names, contact details, a description and map location of each host property with reviews and photos, as well as the skills you can learn and the kind of living arrangements and types of meals provided.

WWOOF hosts practice sustainable land care: organics, biodynamics or permaculture.

When you join as a WWOOFer you too will build your profile within our platform again with your details and a description about yourself and what you would like to learn. Once you are finished you can start searching for Hosts in 5 ways:

Map Search: As you work out your travel plans our Map Search is a quick visual way to find hosts in a particular location.

List Search: Type in words such as e.g. winemaking, horses, bees, organic, permaculture, biodynamic, sustainable living for example.

Notice Board: A great place for hosts and WWOOFers to advertise for each other.

Forum: On the forum, we have a section called WWOOFers wanted.

News Page: Keep up to date with all WWOOF news about our Hosts, WWOOFers and community events.

WWOOF Australia would love for you to join our community and take up our fantastic offer of a 20% discount to all SLCC students by simply using the code: SustainableLiving when you join.

WWOOFing the Gift that keeps on Giving.  Why not give the gift of WWOOFing to someone you love with these gift vouchers.

Single 2 Year Membership should go to https://wwoof.com.au/shop/wwoof-single-volunteer-membership-gift-certificate/

Dual 2 Year Membership should go to    https://wwoof.com.au/shop/wwoof-dual-volunteer-membership-gift-certificate/


What a great ethical Christmas Gift! Why not double up with a WWOOF Gift Certificate

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