In this task you are required to take into account everything you have learnt in the entirety of this course and map out your dream backyard. It must have every single component of this course, including the layout, position, design, what sort of plants, where and why did you plant them there and if they have a purpose, if you have incorporated beehives, and chickens how and why, include them in the layout, what sort of hive you are using and why. We need to have a medicinal garden a spiral garden, include positioning, what beds you used, where is your worm farm and compost. Basically, everything but the kitchen sink, or you could find a spot for that too.

Please submit your video link by email to

This can be done by mapping in out (drawing) on A3 paper with a description then attaching an essay describing what you have done. You will have to submit the images and essay through the video submission box within the course.

Once this has been marked and subject to you passing you will be issued with a certificate of achievement.

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