Take your time and breathe.

Do the assessment online answering as the questions ask you and appear.

Please Note; That in the interest of trying to make the assessment process easier for you as a student and minimise stress, please remember to write your answers down and keep a hardcopy. The best way to do this is to download the PDF document to your computer, print out a hardcopy and reference your answers as you go. Here is the PDF Document, click to open it. It is advisable to highlight in another colour and make bold your answers to make referencing easier.

Please note that any question with an * you will need to do research around the question to answer correctly.

Why do you need to do this; We cannot guarantee that your data will be saved in the event that you have to interrupt the online assessment process and are unable to finish in one sitting. Even though we have worked to minimise the technical errors with the software, we cannot control those outcomes. This is also necessary if in the event you do not pass your assessment and have to redo the task, because the hardcopy of answers will make your re-submission easier.

Do not hesitate to contact the office if you require further assistance.

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